A78 Vacuum Excavator Training and CPCS Theory & Practical Assessments

From Force One

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Vac-Ex Training and Practical Assessments – Expert Trainer & Dedicated CPCS On-Site Tester for CPCS category A78 Vacuum Excavation (A-H)

A78 (A-H) Vacuum Excavation is the latest CPCS category within its sector to prove candidate proficiency in the use of:

A78 (A) - Trailer – Manual Arm
A78 (B) - Trailer – Semi Powered Arm
A78 (C) - Non-LGV – Manual Arm
A78 (D) - Non-LGV Semi Powered Arm
A78 (E) - LGV – Semi Powered Arm
A78 (F) - LGV – Fully Powered Arm
A78 (G) - LGV – Semi Powered Arm – Second Operative (Non LGV Driver)
A78 (H) - LGV- Fully Powered Arm – Second Operative (Non LGV Driver)

With a new training centre on site offering a bespoke training course covering vac-ex operation, Force One can offer pre-training in preparation for the A78 Theory and Practical Assessments.

Our dedicated trainer will present to you a two day (minimum) training course for experienced operatives and up to five days for the less-experienced candidates…

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